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Engage in community development

If you want to learn about other cultures while helping our mission to safeguard the Amazon rainforests, an adventure awaits you with Wawazonia. We offer volunteer placements all year round to people who actively want to immerse themselves in community development, tropical forestry, and conservation while exploring the Amazon from a Shuar or Kichwa community.

Our volunteer placements provide a platform for active engagement with local communities, allowing participants to contribute meaningfully to the development while gaining invaluable insights into the Shuar and Kichwa ways of life. Wawazonia's programs are crafted to offer a holistic perspective, blending conservation initiatives with cultural exchange.

Whether you are passionate about community development, environmental conservation, or simply seeking an adventure beyond the ordinary, Wawazonia provides a comprehensive and immersive experience that extends well beyond typical volunteer opportunities. Join us in this meaningful journey.

Volunteer in Kichwa Community

Read more about the general conditions for becoming a volunteer in one of our five communities.

Volunteer in Shuar community

A list of our primary focus areas in 2023/24. But we always look for committed and skilled volunteers, researchers, or students who want to participate and make a difference.

Volunteer in the Amazon

When you are going to volunteer for the first time or in a new place, a lot of practical questions arise. Get answers to most things questions here

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