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Rainforest Tours


Learn about the secret life of farming in the Shuar and Kichwa communities and learn how to brew chicha (beer)

Fish in the Amazon river

Learn about traditional fishing methods and participate in fishing trips. 

Volunteers Pastaza

This tour is longer than the rest and includes a wide range of activities for the tourist with

7 days available

Ayahuasca Tour Waterfall

This is not just an ayahuasca tour, but also a spiritual journey in the jungle and

traditional beliefs. 

For over two decades, we have been offering rainforest tours, unveiling the captivating beauty of the Amazon and Shuar communities within the heart of the Pastaza region. Since our beginning in 1996, we have taken pride in curating experiences that blend nature exploration, cultural immersion, and community engagement. Below, you can discover a selection of our standard tours.

Our commitment extends beyond the ordinary, as we gladly tailor experiences to your specific desires, ensuring an adventure that fits your individual preferences. Our tours are an invitation to connect with nature, explore diverse cultures, and create memories that linger for a lifetime. Please note that prices vary based on your group's chosen activities and size, providing flexibility and customization to suit your travel aspirations.

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